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December 22, 2008

INDIANAPOLIS (December 22 , 2008) --- The grand prize winner in the BrandSource/Ford Racing Mustang GT Sweepstakes took possession of his Ford Mustang GT at the end of last week. Out of 65,237 entries, Michael Norris of Canyon, Texas was randomly selected as the grand prize winner. Norris entered the sweepstakes at the NHRA national event in Dallas, Texas.

“We are still reeling from the news that we are the winners of the BrandSource/Ford Racing Sweepstakes grand prize. Even with the beautiful Ford Mustang GT sitting in our garage it is still hard to believe! What a great car! We want to thank everyone at Ford Racing, BrandSource, Forward Sports Marketing, and the best racing team on the planet, John Force Racing, for sponsoring the sweepstakes and providing the prizes,” said Norris. “I picked a black Mustang GT California Special Convertible. It has side scoops behind the doors, 18” wheels instead of 17” wheels, the side stripe that says GT/CS, chrome exhaust tips, and few other little upgrades. It is really an outstanding looking car.”

The long time John Force Racing fan has been attending the Dallas NHRA event for a number of years rooting on the 14-time Funny Car champion.

“We were for John Force Racing all season. If John couldn’t win we wanted Ashley to win. If Ashley couldn’t win then we were rooting for Robert or Zippy. We are pretty solid John Force fans. We have been making the Dallas race a family affair going with my brothers and sisters-in-law, my daughter and her husband. We’ve been doing that for about four years now,” added Norris.

Ford Racing Marketing Manager, Tim Duerr, said that as of December 15, 2008, the BrandSource/Ford Mustang GT Sweepstakes had already been responsible for helping generate sales of more than 50 Ford vehicles, and has full expectations to reach nearly 150 vehicle sales from customer lead information generated through the Win With Force promotion. "We couldn't be happier for Michael Norris and his family to win this vehicle. He picked out an incredible vehicle in the Mustang GT. Ford Racing had a great experience interacting with NHRA fans and BrandSource customers all season long. The interest in Ford products and sales of our vehicles to this audience continues to be very successful."

The 2008 season was the third consecutive season for the promotion that has seen it go from just a handful of races to more than half of the national tour. BrandSource CEO, Bob Lawrence, added "BrandSource wants to thank all of the prize winners at races during the season who won John Force Racing #1 Qualifying awards from Whirlpool, and Race Winner awards from Mitsubishi Electric TV's, as well as the very popular Grand Prize Mustang GT provided by our great partner, Ford Racing. This year's promotion operated by Forward Sport Marketing tripled the number of entries for the 'Win With Force' promotion and Mustang GT Sweepstakes thanks to several key factors: 1) The promotion was available at 16 NHRA national events, nearly 20% more events than 2007; 2) Entries were introduced at participating BrandSource dealer store locations throughout the U.S.; 3) Entries were also collected for the first time on-line at the popular website. We are very excited to kick-off our fourth season with this promotion at the 2009 NHRA Winternationals in Pomona by holding a special presentation for this past season's Grand Prize winner, Michael Norris, along with the team that makes all of this possible, John Force Racing."

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